Time continues to tick on mercilessly and brings with it wave after wave of video game anniversaries designed (we’re certain) to make us feel older than our years. Majora’s Mask launched in North America two decades ago this very day — how can that be?

Another game celebrating a significant birthday today is Rock Band 3. The impressive culmination of Harmonix’s rhythm-based band simulator learnings to that point launched exactly a decade ago today, just on the tail end of the plastic instrument craze. The game added a MIDI keyboard to the classic line up of guitar, bass, drums and microphone, and offered arguably the closest feeling to performing in a real band for people who would otherwise never experience that thrill.

The game itself performed below expectations on release — even fans of the genre were getting fed up of mountains of plastic peripherals building up, not only from the Rock Band series, but also Activision’s Guitar Hero, which was originally developed by Harmonix. However, a steady stream of RB3 DLC gave the game a long tail and it still stands as one of the finest instrument-based rhythm games ever made. We have fantastic memories involving whipping it good to Devo, Lasso-ing with Phoenix and dying on our ass trying to keep up with Crazy Train.

Harmonix is gearing up to release its next entry in the rhythm game genre, the mix-based DJ sim Fuser. We took a PC demo for spin back in the summer and we’re intrigued to see how it holds up on Switch when it hits the decks in just a couple of week’s time.

While we wait for that, though, let’s poor one out for a titan of rock.

Credit: Anniversary: Dig Out The Plastic And Reform The Band – Rock Band 3 Turns 10 Today